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Relationship with the Building Codes and Standards Community

Superior Walls of America is an active member of the International Code Council. We regularly participate in the annual ICC Codes Forum and Expo and are very involved in the code development process. We are also active members of many of the standards-writing industry organizations such as the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) in the Building Products Committee as well as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). As a third-party inspected, pre-engineered system, we view the building codes and Building Officials as valuable allies in our quest to maintain the integrity of our system. Superior Walls' technical staff can assist you with building code related issues. You may call us at 800-452-9255 with any code related questions.


2009 IRC Building Codes

With the 2009 IRC Building Codes taking into effect, Superior Walls are proud to be compliant.   The 2009 IRC Codes changes have had a very limited impact on Superior Walls.  In fact the 2009 IRC Codes now address Precast Concrete foundations in their own sections, and also provide detailed information on the use of the stone footer.   Superior Walls can not only speed up your building process, assist you with Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings, but also pass the 2009 IRC Code with ease.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions relating to Superior Walls and the 2009 IRC Code.

Superior Walls Code Inspector Checklist - DOWNLOAD HERE

Superior Walls Builder Guideline Book - DOWNLOAD HERE

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Superior Walls Xi ESR Report 1662 - DOWNLOAD HERE