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In additional to the NAHB, Superior Walls By Collier Foundation Systems, Inc. is heavily involved with various Local Builders Associations.  We have listed some of the Local Builders Associations below that we are currently members of, and which we have participated with in the past.  If you have any questions about your Local Builders Associations, please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Superior Walls is also proud to be a Premier Partner with the Pennsylvania Builders Association.

Phone Number:  717-730-4380
Website:  www.pabuilders.org

Builders Association of Fayette County:

Phone Number:  724-438-0630
Website:  www.pabuilders.org

Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh:

Phone Number:  412-434-5690
Website:  www.pghhomebuilders.com

Home Builders Association of Greater Charleston

Phone Number:  304-744-2200
Website:  www.hbagc.org

Home Builders Association of Mahoning Valley:

Phone Number:  330-965-9779
Website:  www.hbamv.org

Home Builders Association of West Virginia

Phone Number:  304-342-5176
Website:  www.hbawv.org

Indiana and Armstrong Builders Association:

Phone Number:    724-349-2327
Website:  www.iabuilders.com 

Lawrence County Builders Association:

Phone Number:  724-658-4432
Website:  www.lawrencecountybuilders.com

North Central West Virginia Home Builders Association:

Phone Number:  304-599-0880
Website:  http://www.ncwvhba.org/

North Suburban Builders Association:

Phone Number:  412-364-6100
Website:  www.nsbaonline.com

Washington County Builders Association:

Phone Number:  724-228-7673
Website:  www.wcbabuilders.org

Westmoreland Professional Builders Association:

Phone Number:  724-850-2800
Website:  www.westmorelandbuilders.com