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Superior Walls by Collier Foundation Systems, Inc. was founded in 1994.   

Our Service Area includes:
Southwest Pennsylvania - PA HIC # - PA004890
Majority of Ohio
Majority of West Virginia - WV CLB # - WV041367

Our  Factory includes:
Manufacturing Facility 68,000 sq. ft.
Automated Cement Batch Plant
1120 ft. of Production Forms

Our Company includes:
There are over 30 full time employees
With an additional 8 members that make up the sales force and customer service
Average of 300 Basement Installs per year
The Sales force, Installation crew, and the Manufacturing force are all trained and certified by Superior Walls of America.
We Manufacture the Superior Walls Xi product.
We Manufacture 6 different heights of Basement walls, Frost walls and Crawl Space walls. 

New Holland, PA - Superior Walls of America announced today it has joined forces with Superior Walls by Collier Foundations in the Pittsburgh area and "Homes For Our Troops" to help provide a new home for a returning Iraq war veteran from the Pittsburgh area.

"We're proud to contribute to this new effort to assist America's returning veterans," said Mel Zimmerman, founder and CEO of Pennsylvania-based Superior Walls of America. "Nobody is more deserving of the American Dream than the men and women who are overseas fighting to protect this nation. It's an opportunity for all of us here at Superior Walls to simply say, "Thanks!""

Sam Ross of Dunbar, Pennsylvania, is the newest recipient of a new home provided through "Homes For Our Troops". The new homes foundation was installed last week by Superior Walls by Collier Foundations at no cost to Ross.

Like every returning veteran, Ross' story is unique. The former U.S. Army combat engineer with the 82nd Airborne Division has faced challenges since being critically injured on 13 May 2003 while defusing a bomb in Baghdad. Ross was permanently blinded when the booby-trapped bomb he was dismantling exploded in his face. He lost a leg, all of his hearing in one ear - and his military career.

Ross, 22, recently told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of the life-threatening depression he's encountered in the wake of his injuries sustained during the war. "My life was forever changed..." he said.

Now he's fighting his way back, with some help provided by companies like Superior Walls of America, who shared in the costs of the foundation and installation with their western Pennsylvania franchisee, Superior Walls by Collier Foundations.

Installation of the full 133 lineal foot foundation was completed last week. "In addition to providing state-of-the-art structural support, this foundation creates a superior living space, fully insulated and featuring 8.2 foot ceilings," said Matt Theadore of Superior Walls by Collier Foundations. "Like every Superior Walls foundation, this basement is guaranteed* to remain dry, warm and comfortable, year round."

The foundation will soon support a complete custom log home. Gold Hiss Lumber of North Carolina is supplying the logs/home, donated through Singer Construction, Gold Hill Log Homes of Champion, PA.

"Homes For Our Troops" is a 501 (c)(3)nonprofit organization committed to helping those who have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries. They assist injured service men and women and their immediate families by raising donations of money, building materials and professional labor and coordinating the process of building a new home or adapting an existing home for handicapped accessibility. The program is able to provide services at little or no cost to veterans.

According to Kirt Ribello, support for "Homes For Our Troops" is gaining ground since they built their first home last December. "Superior Walls is the nation's leader in precast concrete foundation systems. To have a company of their size and stature and national reputation involved is a huge boost to our program. Our hats are off to everyone at Superior Walls and we challenge others in the building industry to follow their generous example by joining with us."

The White House agrees. President Bush singled out "Homes For Our Troops" in a recent speech to Marines at Camp Pendleton, saying, "...they represent the true strength of the country and the heart and soul of its citizens."

Even the entertainment industry is pitching in. Billy Joel, singer, songwriter and active supporter of many community and environmental causes, has made a $10,000 contribution to "Homes For Our Troops".

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