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Download a PDF of our Xi System:


Xi General Specifications

Extra Strength & Extra Insulation Provided with 2-1/2" of insulation =R-12.5

5000 + PSI concrete reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers

Pre-cast access holes for wiring and plumbing

Meets Energy Conservation Code requirements for basements (IECC, IRC Chapter11)

Thermally isolated/insulated from exterior

Insulated corners, studs and bond beam

Monolithically poured = greater strength

Galvanized steel stud facing                                                                                                                                     
May be insulated up to R 50 +

No additional damp proofing required                                                                                                                    
Pre-cast openings for windows and doors

Reduces Building Time

Ready in virtually an weather

Xi Superior Walls are an insulated pre-cast concrete wall system that is custom manufactured to each building's specification.  The product forms a concrete cavity wall panel with concrete studs at 24 inches on center attached at the top and bottom with bond beams and the entire assembly is faces with an integral concrete face shell. The wall is reinforced with rebar and polypropylene fibers providing additional structural strength. In addition, the concrete studs are cast with holes for wiring and factory galvanized steel on each stud for interior finishing.

Xi Superior Walls are available in heights: 3', 4', 4'8", 8'2", 9'-0", and 10'-0", and custom lengths to suit your project. The maximum axial load (uniform house weight) for this product is 5500 pounds per linear foot. Special point loads up to 30,000 pounds can be accommodated.

WARRANTY* Superior Walls are warranted for 15 years against defects in workmanship and sidewall water penetration.

*See Limited Warranty for details

QUALITY ASSURANCE  -Each manufacturing plant is regularly inspected by an independent third-party inspection agency to ensure compliance with the Quality Assurance program. In addition, manufacturing and installation personnel are trained and certified by Superior Walls of America, Ltd.

DAMP PROOFING -The concrete used in Superior Walls provides warranted lifetime protection against protection against freeze/thaw cycles and water vapor transmission. The urethane sealant used between panels provides superior protection against water penetration. Therefore, no additional damp proofing materials are required.

VAPOR BARRIER -The closed cell polystyrene material in the Dow Styrofoam provides a vapor barrier for Superior Walls.

FIRE RESISTANCE - Dow Styrofoam exhibits the following surface burning characteristics: flame spread 5 and smoking developed 165.

The Superior Wall does not require the attachment of a 15 minute thermal barrier over the foam plastic as proven by UBC 26-3 and equivalent UL 1715 tests.

The Superior Wall Qualifies as a two-hour fire separation wall when 2 layers of 5/8" type 'X' drywall are applied to the stud.

Please Visit the Superior Walls Corporate Website for additional information on the Xi Wall System.